• # Alper Akcan
    MBA 2003
  • Founder and CEO at Micro Payment Systems

    Thanks to my MBA studies at BİLGİ, I have had the chance to see the theoretical counterpart of the strategies and decisions that are implemented in practice.

    Since 2008, I have been working as the founder and ...
  • # Arda Kutsal
    MBA 2007
  • Founder at Webrazzi and the General Director of Crenvo Informatics

    My studies at bilgiMBA provided me with the essential infrastructure for the business line I was focused on and especially for the management of my own company.

  • # Eray Özer
    graduate-MA in Cultural Studies 2005
  • Doğuş Publishing Group Editorial Coordinator

    I graduated from the Department of Psychology, METU in 2002. When I was a senior, I decided to be a journalist. My psychology background assisted me a lot in my professional life.

    I got my Master’s Degree in Cultural Studies ...
  • # Murat Levent Yalgın
    graduate- Visual Communication Design 2007
  • TBWA\İSTANBUL-Art Direktör

    I graduated from Hacettepe University Department of Mining Engineering in 2003. Mining engineering education helped me to see clearly what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to get a master’s degree in my primary field of interest.

    I started to work at ATV’s graphics department in the same ...
  • # Ege Yazgan
    Profesör Doktor
  • İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi Dekanı

    BİLGİ MSc in Economics is a part of the tradition of mathematical social sciences. The primary objective of the program is to offer students an intense, comprehensive and rigorous training and lively research environment.

  • # Feride Çiçekoğlu
    Profesör Doktor
  • Sinema ve Televizyon Bölümü Başkanı

    The MA program in Film and Television provides a platform for discussion, a professional environment and technical equipment for participants eager to ponder on cinema, write a script, make a film or take part in a film crew.

  • # Halil Nalçaoğlu
    Profesör Doktor
  • İletişim Fakültesi Dekanı

    Our main goal is to render Media and Communication Systems MA Program into a center in which high quality academic work is produced while conveying it beyond the borders of academy, opening it to the world.

  • # Metehan Sekban
    Yrd. Doç. Dr.
  • MBA Program Direktörü

    BİLGİ MBA believes an educational model that depends solely on information transfer has no place in today’s world where new sets of knowledge and skills have become the essential requirements.

  • # Turgut Tarhanlı
    Profesör Doktor
  • Hukuk Fakültesi Dekanı

    Our goal is to raise students who are capable of adapting to the rapid changes in the science of law and who are able to create solutions not only to present but also to future problems.

  • # Prof. Dr. Lale Duruiz
  • e-MBA Öğretim Üyesi

    The fundamental difference of the Quality Management course of Bilgi e-MBA program is that the student evaluates a company (preferably the company s/he works for) with respect to TUSIAD-KALDER Excellence Model. This learning process is important for the students in terms of understanding both the Excellence Model and also the company they work for better.

  • # Bülent Şenver
  • Lecturer

    I recommend Istanbul Bilgi University MA in Banking and Finance program for those target to make difference in banking. In the program, we provide a combination of theoretical information and practical knowledge for the students to assure them to comprehend in the topics. In Istanbul Bilgi University MA in Banking and Finance program, we aim to educate reasonable, questioner, open-minded, creative, vision holder, virtuous, leading banking professionals.

  • # Prof. Dr. Asaf Savaş Akat
  • EKONOMİ Öğretim Üyesi

    What differentiates BILGI Master and Ph.D. programs from others? I believe it is our focus is on academic research. We host many prominent economists, domestic and international, as well as alumni with a background in top schools, to provide students with the required skills for a successful academic career. Students both enjoy and benefit immensely from this experience.

  • # Prof. Dr. Asaf Savaş Akat
  • EKONOMİ Öğretim Üyesi

    Today, financial institutions need at most finance experts with a good economics knowledge. We have contributed the raise of many experts for the need of the sector’s requirement of reading the changing structure of the economy from a correct aspect, thanks to the Financial Economics Master Program we have been conducting for 10 years at BILGI.

  • # Gündüz Fındıkçıoğlu
  • Chief Economist & Head of Research – TSKB

    The most significant problem of Financial Economics Master programs is that they cannot always achieve to face the needs of technic-theory-practical experience in a balance. Market information-experience should absolutely be transferred to the students. Bilgi University’s program bears the tendency to balance these needs and I consider this point important.

  • # Ali Perşembe
  • Saha Rating – Vice President

    What we try to do here is to minimize the distance between the academy and real life and to eliminate the chronic disconnection between theory and application. The focal point of my lectures is not analysis methods, but is to teach my students how they can do with these methods in their business lives and why successful people gain success while establishing this correlation.

  • # Prof. Dr. Göksel Yücel
  • MUHASEBE VE DENETİM Öğretim Üyesi - Lecturer

    MSc in Accounting and Auditing program, in the lectures and project works, aims to bring a wide vision to the students regarding the thought of accounting in the world as well as to convey local applications. Elite composition of the students easies the way of achieving these goals and creates a joyful educational environment.

  • # Dr. Şeref Demir
  • Ministry of Finance Head Tax Inspector (Retired)

    Bilgi University MSc in Accounting and Auditing program contributes the need of well-educated public accountants and certified public accountants in ever-changing accounting and financial reporting environment.

  • # Dr. Ayşe Botan Berker
  • Merit Risk Management-Founding Partner

    BILGI MSc in International Finance is a program encouraging students not just to deal with theoretical issues and especially to keep in touch with world of finance. Courses, those are conducted in an interactive environment together with instructors, those have both academic and practical experience, are arranged to provide added value both for students coming from the sector and also for newly graduates.

  • # Okan Aybar
  • Anatolia Capital - CTA

    BILGI MSc in International Finance program is designed to teach theories in practical ways to students and to apply the theories in real market data. Students easily comprehend the topics and theories, those they believe in the difficultness, through the presentation of current events and simple facts.